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Botafogo Praia Shopping

Opened in 1999, Botafogo Praia Shopping is one of the highest malls in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It has 8 floors, 6 cinema rooms and stores of all kinds!
1 – GoHouse ★Farme 102★

GoHouse ★Farme 102★

2 – ★Visconde 301★ .

★Visconde 301★ .

3 – ★Dutra 1104

★Dutra 1104

4 – ★Copacabana 405★

★Copacabana 405★

5 – ★Junior 606★

★Junior 606★

6 – GoHouse ★Copacabana 801★

GoHouse ★Copacabana 801★

7 – ★Atlantica 1012★

★Atlantica 1012★

8 – GoHouse ★Prudente 301★

GoHouse ★Prudente 301★

9 – GoHouse ★Bernardes 608★

GoHouse ★Bernardes 608★

10 – ★Senna 1804

★Senna 1804


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History of Botafogo Praia Shopping

It opened on November 23 of 1999. Botafogo Praia Shopping was built where formerly there was a subsidiary of Sears in the neighborhood of Botafogo. Its eight floors have approximately 170 stores, all meeting the most different age groups.

Over the years, it went through some internal changes. Shops closed and opened, and Botafogo Praia Shopping now has many booths. But the main reason for its construction was its location: at Botafogo beach, in front of Guanabara Bay.

The project is a vertical shopping so that its balcony, located on its last floor, has views to one of the most beautiful postcards of the "Marvelous City". In other words, the architecture of Botafogo Praia Shopping was totally designed for that it suited the view that “cariocas” should have all of their city – and visitors, too!

Botafogo Praia Shopping Cinema

One of the anchors of Botafogo Praia Shopping is its movie theater from Cinemark, the largest network of specialized multiplex cinemas complexes in Brazil.

Botafogo Praia Shopping has 6 cinemas rooms, one of them in 3D. Its sessions vary in time, but the films that are on the screen are the successful ones, also known as "Blockbusters".

Botafogo Praia Shopping Restaurants

The Brazilian cuisine – and the international – has a strong presence in this development. Restaurants like Kotobuki, Tiramisu, Starbucks, Salad Creations and A Grande Muralha can be found in this mall. Some famous fast food chains are also present in Botafogo Praia Shopping, such as Koni Store, McDonald’s, Bob’s, Laffa and Spoletto.

Official Site of Botafogo Praia Shopping


Business Hours of Botafogo Praia Shopping:

Monday to Saturday: from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M.
Sundays and Holidays: from 2 P.M. to 9 P.M.

Food Courts and Leisure:
Monday to Saturday: 10 A.M. to 11. P.M.
Sundays and Holidays: 12 P.M. to 10. P.M.

Address of Botafogo Praia Shopping:
Praia de Botafogo, 400 – Botafogo

Botafogo Praia Shopping’s telephone number:
(21) 3171-9872


Shopping Center
400 Praia de Botafogo
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
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