Angra dos Reis

Rentals in Angra dos Reis

The municipality of Angra dos Reis is a major destination for travelers looking for beaches, even those who already live in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Because it is a place graced by natural beauty, is ideal for those wishing to spend their holidays or just a weekend close to beaches, boat tours and extreme sports options.

Therefore, when renting a property in Angra dos Reis, you should keep in mind some key points, such as surroundings, facilities and transportation. In other words, the ideal place for your lodging is a house or condo that offers every single one of the amenities that you seek and need.

That is, it costs nothing to check the apartments and houses GoHouse has in Angra dos Reis for vacation rentals!

Properties for vacation rentals in Angra dos Reis

Concerned about your comfort, we select properties surrounded by natural beauty and with all kinds of features for short or long stays.

Located mostly in a luxury condominium in Angra dos Reis, our rental properties do not disappoint. A key feature of our properties is that they are in a location with subcondos, with apartments or houses to suit all tastes.

There, you will find private beach, trails, waterfalls, clubhouse with pool, sauna and sports courts, golf course, Japanese restaurant, pizzeria, snack bar and, with no exaggeration, much more.

Be sure to check our properties for vacation rental in Angra dos Reis. If you have questions, do not hesitate to call us!

Angra dos Reis – Vacation Rentals

Since you intend to travel to Angra dos Reis, there is nothing better than giving exactly what the county offers when it comes to infrastructure.

  • Transportation
  • In Angra, there is an important port, responsible for disposing of part of coffee production from the Paraíba do Sul River valley. For locomotion, the region also has a small airport, 28 municipal bus lines and a bus station with 7 platforms.

    Unlike large areas of Rio, Angra dos Reis has no taxis around the city, but it has a few stands, which can be found at the bus station, in Largo da Igreja Matriz, in Chafariz Square, in Santa Luzia pier, Pirata Mall, among others.

  • Leisure
  • In Angra dos Reis, the options are many. The beaches, of course, deserve a topic just for them. But there are many other activities to do in the city, such as boat tours, rent boats and jet skis, rappelling, hiking and Shopping Pirate’s mall with food court, shops, marina and a beautiful sea view, just 5 minutes from the city center.

  • Beaches
  • Bathed by clear waters, the beaches of Angra dos Reis are the main attractions of the region. The busiest points of the site are islands like Gipóia (Beach Dentista) and Itanhangá. But it is worth consulting a guide or residents of Angra for details on the infrastructure of the beach you want to visit.

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