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Vacation rentals in Rio de Janeiro


One of the most popular destinations in the world cannot stay out of your travel itinerary. Besides being the top tourist destination in Latin America, Rio de Janeiro has beautiful scenery, wonderful shores and elusive cultural tours. This unforgettable journey still has the option of vacation rent, a rent modality increasingly present in Rio de Janeiro!

When deciding about vacation rentals in Rio de Janeiro, tourists have the advantage of being able to live like a true “carioca”, waking up every day being able to go to the beach, visit museums, shopping malls and even some of the most famous sights the world.

The vacation rental is especially helpful when you’re stay in the south or west of Rio de Janeiro. Both regions have a great deal of transport options, local shops, malls, and especially beaches!

If you really are considering vacation rental in Rio de Janeiro, be sure to visit – or stay in – distinguished neighborhoods like Leblon, Ipanema, Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Barra da Tijuca, Copacabana, Botafogo and Centro. All of them offer great apartments, plenty of means of transport around, intense local shops, shopping centers, restaurants and great leisure options for your days and nights!


Advantages of vacation rentals in Rio de Janeiro


The vacation rental in Rio de Janeiro is advantageous for several reasons. Among them we can mention comfort, convenience, privacy and economy!

In vacation rental, you will not be sharing the property with unknown people and, therefore, will have more privacy. The comfort of dividing these "homemade" moments with friends or family also is valuable in a trip. Not to mention the kitchen! When in a vacation rental, you and your companions will have a kitchen just for you and can make meals and snacks at any time of day – or night.

And if all this does not influence your decision, you still have the economy. According to the newspaper "O Globo", the city’s hotels are ahead of the list of most expensive accommodation in the world and, therefore, vacation rentals in Rio de Janeiro are in evidence as an economical option.

And the demand also influences. The search, besides the offering, has also been increasing. The vacation rental is very well known outside Brazil and has become very popular in the country. Only in 2014, investment in advertising in the country has increased by 117%.

Most people is looking for a vacation rental in Rio de Janeiro because of the economy that this type of hosting offers (up to 35 % cheaper), the feeling of being at home, the space (wider than a hotel room) and, as already mentioned, the privacy.

In other words, the vacation rental in Rio de Janeiro is na excelente choice for those who intend to spend time in this beautiful city!

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