Apartment in Leblon

Apartments in Leblon are searched for vacation rentals, as the neighborhood offers the luxury of a cosmopolitan and bohemian place in its bars and nightclubs. Here, you also find two shopping malls, luxury condos and some of the best restaurants in Rio de Janeiro.

The rental in Leblon is a bit higher but it is worth the price! It has been a source of inspiration for renowned musicians such as Caetano Veloso, Paralamas do Sucesso, Djavan, Marina Lima, Cazuza and Elba Ramalho and is always used as a stage for the elite of Manoel Carlos’s soap operas.

When renting an apartment in Leblon, you can enjoy the numerous attractions of the neighborhood, such as:

  • Shopping Leblon
  • Rio Design Leblon
  • Cinema Leblon
  • Praia do Leblon
  • José Bastos Padilha Stadium
  • Cobal do Leblon

GoHouses’s apartment in Leblon

Leblon by itself is an excellent neighborhood for those who would like to fix housing or a spend a season, but it gets even better when you rent a property with GoHouse.

Our rigorous selection of properties makes you have access only to the best located apartments in Leblon. Ie, in the vicinity of our properties, you find two or more of the following:

  • Beach

The advantage of the vacation rental in Leblon is being able to enjoy one of the most well-attended beaches of Rio de Janeiro. The sand strip of the neighborhood has volleyball courts, stalls that sell snacks and drinks and showers with unsalted water. In short: an apartment in Leblon will make you enjoy the best of life in Rio, with ease of movement and many leisure options!

  • Restaurants

The most upscale neighborhood of Rio could not help missing a wide choice in food quality. Therefore, on neighborhood streets you find establishments for all tastes, from Italian cuisine to snack bars.

  • Means of Transportation

The subway has not yet arrived in the neighborhood, but the supply of bus lines is great, and the same goes for taxis. To complement, Leblon has bus stops integrations for the subway on the surface (bus lines from Metrô Rio).

  • Local Trade

A nice apartment in Leblon can only offer convenience to your everyday life. So check if your property is close to pharmacies, banks, bakeries, markets, and everything necessary for a peaceful routine!

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