Cerqueira César

Cerqueira César

Cerqueira César is an upscale neighborhood in central São Paulo. It has important avenues of the city as limits, including Rebouças and Nove de Julho. 737 meters above sea level, this area is one of the highest in SP, and goes by the name of Espigão da Paulista (“Spike Paulista”). In its surroundings, there are neighborhoods such as Morumbi, Jardins, Vila Buarque, Republic, Jardim America, Bela Vista and Pacaembu.

Cerqueira César, in São Paulo, offers an incredible infrastructure for its residents, including nightlife, abundant local shops, theaters and cinemas, as well as luxury hotels and flats. Ie, it is perfect for those going to the city in the short, medium or long term.

Cerqueira César – rental properties

The properties in the area are near everything a stay on business or leisure needs. First, we have the Paulista Avenue, home to business buildings, corporate headquarters and large convention centers. In other words, it is where the financial buzz of the city finds itself.

Moreover, renting apartments in Cerqueira César is also advantageous for having great properties. It includes buildings with excellent infrastructure, and also some houses in its boundary with the region of Pinheiros. A rental apartment in Cerqueira César will be equipped and mostly very well located.

In other words, we brought some important features to observe when choosing a rental apartment in Cerqueira César:

  • Transportation

The transit of São Paulo is known worldwide for being somewhat chaotic and therefore it is not worth just relying on your car on a daily basis. For short distances that cannot be traversed on foot, a good tip is to consider the subway and bus stops.

The properties of Cerqueira César are easily accessible. The amount of transportation in the region means that there is a great convenience to come and go in that area. Numerous bus stops are available, in addition to Consolação subway station.

  • Local Trade

A district that encompasses part of a financial center could not lack on abundant local shops in its streets. Throughout Cerqueira César, you can find pharmacies, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, markets and shops of various segments.

Also in this region, you have part of Oscar Freire Street, elected one of the eight most luxurious destinations in the world.

  • Restaurants

A region as noble as Cerqueira César could not leave nothing to be desired when it comes to gastronomy. Therefore, the neighborhood offers great cuisine variety, from pizzerias cafeterias.

  • Nightlife

Apart from Paulista Avenue, an apartment in Cerqueira Cesar also has proximity to Augusta Street, a very trendy destination for those who want to have fun at night. With many trendy bars and nightclubs, this street also brings together art galleries and lively local trade.

GoHouse’s Real Estate in Cerqueira César

Did you like to find out a bit more about this neighborhood and its main features? See the listing below of the excellent properties we have in Cerqueira César.

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