Consolação properties

Consolação has extremely well located properties and with full infrastructure in their vicinities. As a region located in the central area of São Paulo, the noble district offers everything to its residents, from ease of commute to abundant local trade.

Consolação in SP, has significant attractions and cultural centers, including the Nossa Senhora da Consolação Church, the Irmandade da Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo, the Augusta Park, the theater of the University of São Paulo, the Shopping Patio Higienópolis, the Maria Antonia University Center and more.

For that reason, the apartment rental in Consolação is a great idea. Firstly, it is an easily accessible region, and offers full infrastructure for its residents. The available rental properties in the district of Consolação do not miss anything: they are well equipped and, mostly, very well located.

The area also includes part of Paulista Avenue. In this way, you will find many commercial buildings, headquarters of major enterprises and business centers. Therefore, becomes a good option for those who go to São Paulo on business. Especially if you rent it with GoHouse…

Consolação: properties with GoHouse

GoHouse operates in Consolação with properties that normally are close to all the infrastructure offered by the district, including local businesses, transportation, nightlife, leisure, etc. This happens because our goal isn’t just to capture an apartment for you to rent.

We want you to have the best experience possible and to this end, we also observe the surroundings of the buildings we visit in Consolação. With this, we ensure that you’ll be close to everything that will make your day more practical day.

In other words, Consolação has great rental apartments and flats, but the most select properties are with GoHouse. And, to further facilitate your decision about renting in this region, we brought a few threads with the features that you’ll find outside of your rented property.

  • Local business

Our rental apartments in Consolação are usually near all infrastructure offered by the district, including supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants and, finally, all types of businesses needed for a short, medium or long term trip.

  • Nightlife

The rental in Consolação is also worth for those who want to have fun. The district includes part of Augusta Street, one of the trendiest places in São Paulo. There are bars and nightclubs stirred for happy hours or to one of the most fun nights of your life.

  • Transportation facilities

The ease of access in that area is really great for those who do not have a lot of time and want to do much. First, there are a lot of bus stops that follow for the most diverse areas of the city, and 3 subway stations: Paulista, Consolação and Anhangabaú.

In other words, if you want to rent apartments in Consolação, we ensure that we have great tips and options!

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