New Check-in Hours

The check-in procedure at GoHouse changed a bit… For better! As of October, our office in Rio de Janeiro will hold the process of arrival of our guests from 3:00pm to 1:30am, Monday through Saturday. On Sundays, the schedule is from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

Now, both renters and owners will benefit because of the time window stipulated on these check-in procedures.

What is better for travelers?

Well, now the travelers have a longer period of time to arrive in Rio de Janeiro with tranquility, and will not need to worry so badly if the flight delay, as they will have up until 1am to get at GoHouse’s office, which will have an agent waiting for you with things all ready!

What is better for the owners?

GoHouse did a study taking into account the time window that the travelers had to check-in. The more extended the time allowed for this procedure is, the greater is the percentage of bookings through the site. Through this study, we found that the number of reservations increase by 10% due to the extension of the check-in time.

In other words, GoHouse’s owners can have even more rentals for their properties in Rio!

Did you like this news? Soon, we will have even more updates for you. Stay tuned!

GoHouse: the best real estate in São Paulo!

GoHouse is not one of the traditionals real estates in Sao Paulo. We work with vacation rentals that have a maximum period of rent of three months (with possible renewal). We aim to be a company that does all the work for you when it comes to giving you the best place to stay in Brazil.

imobiliárias em são paulo

GoHouse x Real Estate in São Paulo

As a Vacation rental agency, GoHouse aims to give you total support during your stay, bringing the usual procedures and bureaucracies to the minimum! Among our services, we can mention check-in and check out inside our properties, professional photos with no edition (what you see is what you get!), professional maintenance throughout your whole stay, and much more!

Another feature that offers GoHouse and the highlights of real estate in São Paulo is transparency. We also offer a vacation rental agreement in our website, so you can see for yourself exacatly what are your rights and duties. Plus, we will make sure to always respond your calls as soons as possible. Here, you are our priority!

But, sure, we do believe we can always get better. Therefore, we even ask you to write a review for us upon your check out! This means that we want to improve constantly, so your stays are always pleasant.

In other words, we work with ethics, transparency and in an innovative way compared to real estate in São Paulo. So why don’t you get to know GoHouse and leave the impersonal real estates behind?

Please visit GoHouse or contact us via e-mail and get ready to have the best vacation ever!

Apartment rentals – Copacabana

Are you looking for apartment rentals in Copacabana? Don’t worry! We are here to facilitate your search – and your choice!

We selected three great properties in the most accessible and looked for neighborhood in town. Let’s get started?

Ferreira 412

Ferreira 412 - aluguel temporada copacabana
Charming, Ferreira 412 brings important amenities for those looking for comfort and practicality. This studio apartment accomodates 3 people close to the beach and means of transportation. See, below, some items you will find in this property:

  • Building with 24 hour concierge
  • Elevators
  • Air conditioning
  • Cable
  • Washer
  • Wireless internet
  • Equipped kitchenette
  • Great location

Click here to see this apartment rental in Copacabana!

Ribeiro 303

Aluguel temporada copacabana - Ribeiro 303

Very well located, Ribeiro 303 doesn’t stand out just by being close to everything – including the Roxy cinema, beach, menas of transportation and local commerce. This 1-bedroom apartment sleeps 3 people, having one double bed and a sleeper sofa.

  • Building with 24 hour concierge
  • Elevators
  • Air conditioning
  • Fan
  • Internet connection
  • Equipped kitchenette

Click here to see one of our apartment rentals in Copacabana!

Ribeiro 104

Conjugado para aluguel por temporada Copacabana

This charming studio is perfect for trips begging for practicality, comfort and great location. Being next to Cantagalo subway station, this property accommodates 3 people and offers many amenities. Want to check them out?

  • Building with elevators
  • Air conditioning
  • Fan
  • Cable
  • Internet connection
  • Equipped kitchenette with fridge and stove

Click here and get to know another one of our apartment rentals in Copacabana!

Did you like these apartments and want ot see more properties? Get in touch with our team through the e-mail and book your favorite!

City Tour Rio de Janeiro

Are you coming to the Marvelous City? Then, our main tip is that you get to know it really well with a City Tour in Rio de Janeiro! This full tour shows you the essential points to see if you want to know this city as a true “Carioca”.

City tour Rio de Janeiro

What will I do during the City Tour Rio de Janeiro?

Well, there are several City Tour Rio de Janeiro style’s tours. But let’s list here what all of them have in common (or, at least, most of them!):

Christ The Redeemer

City tour Rio de Janeiro

Imposing and majestic, of course Christ the Redeemer will never be out of the City Tour Rio de Janeiro. The main symbol of the city is located on the Corcovado Mountain, over 700 meters high. It was opened in the 30s and became an icon of Rio’s culture.

In addition to its magnificent history, of course we cannot leave out the factor that mostly attracts visitors: the view. With a 360 ° landscape of Rio, this is what more impresses travelers and makes each of them fall in love with this city: its evident beauty in every corner.


City tour Rio de Janeiro

The “Maraca”, as it is popularly called, was inaugurated in 1950 in time for the World Cup that happened that year. One of the most famous stadiums in the world was the scene of large Brazilian decisions and even global, as it hosted two World Cups till now.

If you plan to do the city tour Rio de Janeiro and is passionate about football, make sure this football field is included in your day of sightseeing around the city. Worth seeing the place that made and still is part of the history of football!

Sugar Loaf

City tour Rio de Janeiro

At the entrance of Guanabara Bay, Sugar Loaf cannot be missing on your City Tour in Rio de Janeiro. It is approximately 400 meters tall, and is a must-see destination for tourists. Several locals logos have used its iconic format because it refers to the city.

During the visit, what really counts is taking a ride on “Bondinho”! So do not forget to have this spot included in your city tour!


City tour Rio de Janeiro

Stage one of the most popular parties in Brazil around the world, the Sambadrome is a construction made by architect Oscar Niemeyer in 1984. It has 700 meters long. Don’t think it’s too much? Try to “sambar” along the way!

The avenue of parades is surrounded by boxes and grandstands where the major partygoers on the planet appreciate closely one of the best times of the year. It’s worth the visit during your City Tour in Rio de Janeiro!

City Tour no Rio de Janeiro com a GoHouse!

Being a vacation rental agency, GoHouse focuses on tourism as a whole and, therefore, we also offer tours around the city, such as the City Tour Rio de Janeiro. Check out places like the Pedra do Arpoador, the Christ, Maracanã, Sambadrome, Cathedral of San Sebastian and the Sugar Loaf in just one day!

We sell many tours to other places as well, so it is worth accessing the website of GoHouse Store and see the most beautiful and curious places of Rio, as Petrópolis, Angra, Buzios and even the Plataforma Show!

On all tours that GoHouse Store offers, you will have extremely qualified bilingual guides to introduce you to all the places you want to know!

Click here to know GoHouse Store!

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GoHouse wants you to travel as much as yourself! We want you to meet nice places, such as Rio! Therefore, we decided to make everything easier by giving you 25% off in lodging!

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We have 4 amazing apartments wanting to be your home for a few days. All of them located in south Rio. But what do you prefer? To be next to the bustle and the beach of Copacabana? Or maybe residential and historic neighborhoods, like  Laranjeiras and Flamengo

Whatever is your choice, we have perfectly located properties and, of course, with unmatched prices. But make sure to enjoy this sale as soon as possible by clicking here… Because it ends on December 26th!

ver promocao

Romantic spots in Rio de Janeiro

For lovers who visit Rio de Janeiro, nothing better than changing all the hype of the city for a day full of romanticism. It is worthy doing a surprise, set something up together or even schedule a trip to the city on some special date following the script we are about to present. There are thousands of options for romantic places in Rio de Janeiro and, the best of all, is that they are comfortable and economical to fit in any couple’s pocket.

Romantic place to visit in the dawn of Rio de Janeiro

To start your day well, make sure to check out a beautiful view of the sunrise in Arpoador. The place was already setting scene of many Brazilian novels and inspiration to a lot of romantic music. Check the time the sun will rise according to the season and get there about ten minutes earlier. It is totally worth taking a beautiful basket of breakfast and surprise your loved one!

arpoador Lugares românticos no Rio de Janeiro

After that, our tip is to walk by the shore and even dive in the sea…

What to do in the middle of the day in Rio de Janeiro?

The decoration has a huge role in romanticism. Because of that, you should make reservations on the Aprazível restaurant. It is located in Santa Teresa neighborhood, it has a small town farm kind of decoration and Brazilian meals made full of love. Besides a good wine to go with the beautiful Guanabara Bay view, don’t forget to ask for a delicious dessert for you and your companion. (62, Aprazível Street – Santa Teresa. Number: 2508-9174).

restaurante Aparzível romântico Rio

After this great lunch, take a walk through the neighborhood and be enchanted by it. Taking pictures, recording videos and listening to live music in some bar nearby is highly recommended.

Enjoying the romance by the evening

Head to Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon and choose the kiosk or restaurant that suits you the most. From there, you can watch the sunset very close to your beloved!

How to have a romantic night in Rio de Janeiro?

Now it’s to start planning a great dinner. For that, make reservations in a good restaurant and, then, select with your companion what you feel like doing: a club, a bar or a quiet night? Our tip is the Mok Sakebar restaurant, located in Leblon. It has a Hippie Chic decoration, background music and delicious food and Sakê drinks. It’s a great spot for dating! (78, Dias Ferreira Street – Leblon. Phone: 2512-6526).

Mok Sakebar restaurante Rio de Janeiro

After the dinner, end the night with a nice walk around Copacabana. Even with the reputation of being a hot spot, there are many couples listening to good Brazilian music by the shore. If you’d like, choose a bar or kiosk with sea view and end the night in the best possible way!

The best of São Paulo neighborhoods

São Paulo is the most populous city in Brazil and, therefore, offers the diversity you seek. Want quiet places to raise a family, great business centers, awesome nights to party, perfect for shopping or local historic places? Whatever your goal to go to São Paulo is, we separated to you a list with the neighborhoods in SP you do not want to miss!

Guia dos melhores bairros de São Paulo - GoHouse

São Paulo best neighborhoods to live in

  • Jardins

Melhores bairros de São Paulo - Jardins

Located in the West Zone of São Paulo, this area is formed by the high class districts of Pinheiros, Jardim Europa, Jardim Paulista and Jardim America. Covering several important avenues of the city, such as Paulista, Nove de Julho, Rebouças and Brasil Avenues, this region is ideal for those who want to live close to work. It has three subway stations, very important business centers and offers the very excellent nightlife – especially in the Augusta Street. The site also has excellent shopping options, such as Oscar Freire Street and complete condos. In short: ideal for those who enjoy life in a big city which moves the luxury market of São Paulo!
  • Consolação

Melhores bairros de São Paulo - Consolação

Mostly residential neighborhood. Many of its residents choose to live in the region due to the proximity to the Mackenzie University and easy access to the center of São Paulo. The night is hype in due to the trendy bars that are nearby, though it is not exactly the focus of the best parties in town, making it an excellent option for those who want to live close to the studies and / or work.
  • Higienópolis

Melhores bairros de São Paulo - Higienópolis

This is a neighborhood of upper middle class. It is specifically sought after by people looking for a residential place and no nightlife. With no easy access to the subway, the heart of the neighborhood is ideal for those who want to live in a noble and peaceful region.


  • Moema and Itaim Bibi

Melhores bairros de São Paulo - Moema e Itaim Bibi

Both neighborhoods have important features for people who intend to live in one of the best neighborhoods in São Paulo. It is known for its proximity to Ibirapuera Park, the Museum of Modern Art (MAM) and Shopping Ibirapuera – some of the major attractions of Moema and Itaim Bibi. The residents of this region also appreciate the hype, which is why this area has high level nightclubs and excellent restaurants.


  • Vila Mariana

Melhores bairros de São Paulo - Vila Mariana

Excellent choice for those looking to live in a quiet neighborhood. This region has the ESPM university and, therefore, it is one of the most sought after by those who wish to study or live with family in São Paulo destinations. Excellent choice also when it comes to real estate speculation, since it is a prime area with a cheaper square meter than Jardins.


  • Perdizes

Melhores bairros de São Paulo - Perdizes

Sophisticated, modern and complete are some of the words used by locals to describe the place. With many schools, parks and other leisure options, this neighborhood is perfect for anyone who wants to live with the family in an area that has infrastructure and tranquility. In addition, it is near Pacaembu, Avenida Paulista, Marginal Tietê and center.
  • Morumbi

Melhores bairros de São Paulo - Morumbi

Being one of the most wooded places in São Paulo, Morumbi is increasingly with new projects being built. In this region, you can count on modern apartments and charming streets. Because of this, it is very easy to find mansions and luxury condominiums on the site. It is perfect for those who want to have a life that revolves around this neighborhood, but do not count on easy access!

Best neighborhoods in São Paulo to go out

It not as if from today the city nights are known to be extremely agitated and chimes. São Paulo offers entertainment for people of all ages with different tastes. But we brought some of the major destinations in the region for you and your companions!
  • Vila Madalena

Melhores bairros de São Paulo - Vila Madalena

With over 300 bars, restaurants and cafes, the 2.3 km of the neighborhood offers as many attractions as it is possible to find. The streets are hardly empty and the bars will surely be crowded. And so it follows the nightlife of Vila Madalena: with lots of live music, bookstores and coffee shops. All this without forgetting the small-town feel during the day! I believe these are reasons sufficient to consider this one of the best neighborhoods in São Paulo to socialize with people you like!


  • Cerqueira César

Melhores bairros de São Paulo - Cerqueira César

The region is home to malls, theaters, and especially Augusta Street – São Paulo balladeer stronghold. There, you will find young people in very well attended nightclubs and people of all ages in pizzerias and bars nearby. Not to mention the Fashion Quadrilateral formed by streets Oscar Freire, Bela Cintra, Haddock Lobo and Frei Caneca.
  • Pinheiros

Melhores bairros de São Paulo - Pinheiros

Some of the major clubs – from luxury to alternatives – are in this neighborhood. Places like Bubu, Bar Secreto, Traço de União (for those who enjoy samba), Casa 92, 80’s Club, Canto da Ema, Club do Reggae and much more establishments for all tastes!

Ver imóveis para alugar em Pinheiros.


  • Vila Olímpia

Melhores bairros de São Paulo - Vila Olímpia

Bustle during the day and night. The parties of this neighborhood are for all tastes and, therefore, you cannot go wrong when choosing a club or bar to visit in this area. After all, Vila Olímpia is considered one of the best places in São Paulo by many people who like to enjoy the region.
  • Barra Funda

Melhores bairros de São Paulo - Barra Funda

Do you like Rock music? That’s exactly what the region of Barra Funda offers. The neighborhood is known for its alternative Rock bars and therefore is an excellent destination for those who enjoy this kind of music!


See rental properties in Bela Vista.

See rental properties in Cerqueira César.

We hope this guide will make you find the perfect spot for you to live, visit and work in. Also because the best neighborhoods of São Paulo are listed above!